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I Love Life and I want to Live Campaign

Our Goal:

This Program allows our youth to express positive views of their lives, through posters, pictures, essays, and public speaking. This form of expression allows them to relieve the stresses of their lives by conveying those emotions through creativity. Too often our children are burden by the pressures in our families and communities, which prevent them from enjoying life. This campaign allows them to focus on their environment and tell their own stories.

Writing essays help eliminate stress by, putting our feelings down on paper to release it in a positive way.

Allowing Children to express themselves verbally in solution based format, promotes self confidence and fights fear of public speaking to bring awareness to the root of problems in our lives.

Creating artwork, enables our motor skills, and helps us control our anger and frustration through creativity.

What You Win

  • Winners receive Cash Prizes

  • All Participants receive certificate rewards

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