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From its very beginning in 1969, the United Black Fund, Inc. worked to help people help themselves.  Organized by everyday people, and led by two extraordinary community leaders, Dr. Calvin and Wilhelmina Rolark, UBF pioneered community based efforts to improve the lives of Blacks and impoverished people in the Washington DC Area.


UBF showcases Family focused initiatives that provide parents with tools for raising children; that encourage neighborhood education and recreation activity to guide and direct youth; that serve critical needs of special populations; and that promote community based problem solving.


We are continuing the work required for our youth to grow into their full design, for our families to gather the resources available for nurturing, living, and ending

violence in our communities by promoting respect, cooperation and achievement.


ubf President

 Mr. LeNoir brings a perspective to the UBF mission of Meeting Unmet Needs, much influenced by experiences growing up and working in Cincinnati, Ohio; Dallas, Texas;  St. Louis, Missouri; Harlem,        New York; and Washington, DC.  He received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology from Howard University, and a Juris Doctor Degree from Howard University School of Law in Washington, DC. Much of his life’s work connects to the message that resonated through

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Barry LeNoir designed and directed the renown Comprehensive Impact Program, a drug and delinquency prevention program to help youth engage and answer the question: “What does it mean to be Human?” 


He held the position of Senior Operating Officer with Crawford Edgewood Managers, Inc., one of the nations leading minority community development and multi-family housing management firms. His experience in multi-family housing, especially in promotion and development of community based self-help programs and activities in Section 8 Communities, provides great substance for understanding the present challenge of restoring the social economic infrastructure of the “village”.

“We are in denial. Violence is pandemic in our communities throughout the nation. We don’t even talk about it past the morning news. If we don’t talk the talk about violence, we will not walk the walk. We have to get college students and young people in prison to begin the talk.” -Barry LeNoir

staff Members

   Herman Washington

      Vice President

  Cheryl      Kelly

Campaign Director

    Ronae        Neal

   Office Manager

  Keith      Silver

Director Special Projects




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Young African-American youth need to know that they are loved, needed, special, and important. Our challenge is about knowing and accepting who we are in our mixed culture. "It breaks my heart to see our young people killing each other. We have to love on each other, speak kindly and respectfully to each other. I am 75 years old, I need our community come together and make a difference. It doesn't hurt to smile and say hello." - Johnnie Scott-Rice, Chair United Black Fund, Inc., President of the DC Metro Chapter of National Congress of Black Women and Member of NCBW National Board.

About us


Johnnie Scott Rice


Dr. Denise Erskine

Vice Chair

Dr. Lonise Bias

Member at Large

Dionne Bussey-Reeder

Member at Large

Cpl. Raymond Griggs 

Member at Large

Dr. Cherie A. Ward

Member at Large

Barry LeNoir, JD


Herman Washington

Vice President

Reverend, Dr.  Ruby Moone


Rhozier T. Brown

Member at Large

Denise Johnson, MBA, BBA

Member at Large


Charles Acree


Richard Allen


Cheryl J. Kelley

Campaign Director

Cornelius Green

Member at Large

James Savage

Member at Large

Rev. Samuel T. Williams

Member at Large

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