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Back to School Campaign


Our Goal:

A campaign initiated in 1993, in order to promote and increase parental involvement in the child's education. A rally is held annually at DC public schools, which begins with a symbolic community walk into the schools. Families, and teachers are joined by UBF members, community leaders and elected officials.​ The presence of positive support from faculty and community members help the children feel enthusiastic about learning, and know that we all appreciate their efforts in doing so.

9% of children in DC live in Families where no parent is present.

Cash Prize Donations are awarded to DC public schools with the highest adults accompanying children to school on the opening day.

"Back to School" campaigns take place in communities across the country.

How We Succeed

Self Confidence

  • Boost the appetite for learning through, encouragement of returning to school.

  • Kids get to dance, give high-fives, and enjoy their journey back to knowledge.

  • When people show up, you feel special, you feel good about yourself because you know people believe in you just as much as you believe in yourself.

School Supplies

  • Each school bagpack is accompanied with binders, pencils, papers, sharpeners and school supplies.

  • Bottle of water/ water bottle is included to help kids stay hydrated throughout the day.

  • Every child gets recognition from the the parents, teachers, community members, and friends coming into school and then escorted to their room and teachers inside for a positive focused school year.

Support System

  • Community members from all backgrounds are present.

  • This campaign re-established the idea of "It takes a village to raise a child".

  • Children without parents or guardians can confide in community members as role models and mentors if needed.

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